Sprouts of Peace

One of Peaceworks main goals is to help our employees stay community-minded: focus is placed on opportunities that help support the employees social role in their community as well as gain vocational skills. Sprouts of Peace is a vocational program centered around horticulture! This includes lawn care and maintenance of several properties throughout Medina City, Beekeeping and honey extracting, maintenance of flower and herb beds across all vocational sites, and lastly Sprouts of Peace community garden located in Bolivar Alley. The community garden includes eight 70’ L x 62’ w  raised beds surrounded by logs and Enclosed by wood and weld wire fence.  Each bed is divided into two plots totaling 16 plots for community members to use as they see fit! Individuals must apply for a 12’x9’ plot each year through Peaceworks website! Applications are now being accepted! You can apply here.

Sprouts of Peace keeps and maintains one plot within the community garden. The main bounty from the Sprouts of Peace plot will be shared with local food banks to nourish those who have need and sold within our cafes. Employees of Sprouts of Peace are paid to plant, water and harvest the crops. Fresh produce is often hard to come by in pantries—we hope to combat local food insecurity in Ward 1 by offering in-season vegetables and herbs. 

Additionally it is our hopes to help strengthen the Ward 1 Community of Medina City.

Sprouts of Peace Products